I will provide you with unparalleled assistance in transforming your home into a unique space that reflects your deepest desires, refined style, and unmatched character. Through expertly curated furniture and decor, skillful use of lighting, and thoughtful planning, your residence will come alive and truly embody your individuality. Together, we will create an atmosphere in which you can relish every moment and take pride in every detail.

Furniture Fixtures & Equipment

1. Furniture, fixtures and equipment 

I strive to carefully examine your preferences in order to offer the perfect selection for your home. My choices include comfortable furniture, stylish decor, decorative lighting, and modern appliances. If desired, I can also create a simplified sketch or photorealistic 3D visualization, allowing you to have complete confidence in your decision.

2. Procurement

I don't just make a shopping list; I meticulously research the market to find the best options for you. I work with leading manufacturers and trade intermediaries in Finland, selecting high-quality interior items that will perfectly suit your new space.

3. Decoration and styling 

To fill your apartment with exceptional style and elegance and add a personal touch to the interior, we take on interior decoration as well. With a keen eye for detail, our designers neatly balance interior accessories and artwork to make your apartment look classy and stylish, whilst preserving the feeling of comfort, coziness and privacy.


Other types of services


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