Complete set

As soon as construction work begins at your facility, we begin to draw up an estimate of all finishing materials, plumbing and lighting equipment, furniture. The complete set will be carried out until the last vase in the interior.

You get:

  • Accurate selection of all materials;
  • Registration of orders for the manufacture of furniture, sewing textiles and other individual projects related to the project of the object;
  • Interaction with all contractors;
  • Communication with contractors and the formation of information for the commercial proposal on all positions;
  • Representing your interests at all stages of work.

Estimated cost from 200 $ / 1 month *

Author’s support

Support at all stages of construction work. Communication with the construction team and solutions to emerging issues. We always find alternative solutions to controversial issues so that this does not affect the design in any way. Every detail, every little thing is important, so we will accompany, advise and support you at all stages of implementation, so that the result exceeds your expectations.

Author’s support

Author’s support of a design project includes:

  • Site visits, detailed explanations of the specifics of the project implementation to the foreman and narrow specialists;
  • Control of compliance with the project;
  • We make necessary adjustments in the drawings and calculations (if necessary);
  • Consultations and planning meetings with the foreman and contractors;
  • We order materials for interior decoration;
  • Systematic site visits to advise the team on work issues (visits are distributed between stages as needed).

Ready to discuss your project?

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