Interior designer consultation offers personalized expertise and guidance in transforming your space. From concept development to material selection and layout planning, I help you create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment. I consider your preferences, lifestyle, and budget to provide tailored recommendations and turn your vision into reality. With my expertise, you can achieve a functional and stylish interior that reflects your unique personality and enhances your living experience.

You get recommendations on:

•Сhoosing the color scheme and finishing of the room

• Сhoosing furniture and arranging it in the room

•Сhoosing suitable lighting fixtures and their placement in the room

•Сhoosing decorative elements and their placement in the room

•Organizing space to increase its functionality and comfort


•Сhoosing textiles and using them to create the desired effect in the room

•Choosing a style that best suits the client's needs


Author’s support

A consultation can be an excellent first step towards collaborating to achieve the perfect outcome. It allows us to establish a solid foundation for our work together and ensures that we are aligned in our goals and vision. Through open communication and sharing ideas, we can explore possibilities and make informed decisions to bring your vision to life.

Author’s support

Author’s support of a design project includes:

  • Site visits, detailed explanations of the specifics of the project implementation to the foreman and narrow specialists;
  • Control of compliance with the project;
  • We make necessary adjustments in the drawings and calculations (if necessary);
  • Consultations and planning meetings with the foreman and contractors;
  • We order materials for interior decoration;
  • Systematic site visits to advise the team on work issues (visits are distributed between stages as needed).

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