Natalia Epstein

Me, Natalia, have always wanted to make people's lives more comfortable and beautiful. That is why I entered the architectural faculty of BNTU. After completing my MS in Architecture and working as an architect for several years, I decided to move into interior design. Having gained extensive experience and expertise in this area, in 2016 I started private practice.


I work on each project personally, leading it from the design stage to implementation. And I consider personal communication with clients during all work to be the main guarantee of an ideal project.



Multiple finalist of the PINWIN international design and architecture competition.

Winner in the contest of the interior design magazine MajorDom "SHAFA - a new showroom".



Natalia and Dmitry

Great job! My wife and me are very happy that we chose Natalia, who, during the work on our project, became just a sorceress Natasha, who turned our gray two-room apartment into a cozy family scandi-three. Separately, I would like to note the attention to details, starting with the questionnaire and ending with minor improvements and useful recommendations at the end of the project, when it seemed that there was nothing to improve. Very competent work with the space, we not only got kopeck pieces from a three-ruble note, but also implemented a dressing room, a wonderful recreation area on the loggia, in which all our hobbies and interests were taken into account, and also received an original bathroom with a very non-standard layout. I would also like to note the very effective communication: calm and measured dialogue, dosed presentation of information, prompt work with feedback. Mentally, creatively and quickly. It is very pleasant that the cooperation was precisely warm and sincere in nature, and not a formal fulfillment of the conditions specified in the contract. I think it is thanks to this that such a positive result was achieved. By subscribing to every word, we do not hesitate to recommend Natalia as a competent and creative specialist for the implementation of your dream project. Ours, by the way, was called that.


Olga and Victor

We really enjoyed working with Natalia. When developing the project, all our wishes and comments were taken into account, the project was redone so many times until we had no doubts. Natasha also accompanied us through the shops, helping us with the choice of finishing materials and furniture. We used the services of a team of craftsmen on her recommendation and were very pleased with the approach and quality of work. Natasha is always in touch, even when the project has long been completed, helping with the selection of little things and accessories.

The result is an apartment that you want to return to, where all the details are thought out, everything is in its place.

We also received a gift from Natalia for our housewarming.

We wish Natasha success in her work, so that she always has creative inspiration. And also like-minded clients!

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Galina and Vitaly

We chose Natalia on the recommendation and did not regret it.

It was important for us that the designer listens to us and adapts to our desires. Natalia coped with this task at a high level.

In the process of work, we did not want to develop a design for our future children's room. She took this moment into account, and did not work with this area. At the same time, other designers and studios did not work on such conditions and did not make concessions with clients.

At the very first meeting, an analysis was made of my wishes and my husband, a contract was drawn up, all the terms for working with the object were agreed.

We used the services of a team of craftsmen on her recommendation and were very pleased with the approach and quality of work.

And I also really liked that she always accompanied us to the shops, while talking specifically and clearly where to come. In these stores, we have always found what we needed. It saved our time a lot.

A year after completing all the work, Natalia picked up all the little things for our apartment: including frames and flower pots.

In the nearest future, we will need a design for our children's room. And we know for sure that we will only entrust this work to Natalia.


Ekaterina and Yan

Natasha knows how to understand the client, guess its desires and, what is important, bring them to life. In addition, Natasha does not give up her projects, but helps to bring them to the end, I would say, she treats the implementation as if she does it for herself :) What is just laying out the mosaic for the ornament in our bathroom by hand :) Natasha is also very flexible - ready to change renders several times, if you ask "let's do the same, only a little bit wrong". To add a fly in the ointment, I will say that some design solutions were difficult in technical implementation, so I had to rethink on the go :) And in conclusion I will add that every time I enter the apartment, I think - how beautiful, spacious and light we have. Thanks to Natasha for this feeling of joy and desire to return home!


Agatha and Kolya

Natasha is the person who gathered all our desires, dreams, fantasies into the correct unity and put all this in our small studio. Very painstakingly, with the pronunciation of every small detail, with clarifications, as we love / want / as we are used to, she created our project for us. She competently advised us on all the nuances associated with the project, if something was not in her competence, then she connected us with specialists who explained everything to us in an accessible way. Thank you very much for the work done.

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Elena and Pavel

Natasha worked on the design of our apartment. I would like to note that already at the planning stage, the options presented were amazing, we had a certain vision, but the very fact of such a variety would never have occurred to us) and in general, when I see the projects of friends, all the layouts often differ only by a change in the position of the sofa / tv / doors, we had 3 completely different apartments. I liked the color schemes very much, it seemed impossible to fit the bright accents so harmoniously) special thanks for the control and support at all stages of the renovation, Natasha was always there, from the moment of choosing the floor / wall color to the last light bulb) thank you for the place where you want to return!