3D tour of your project

Layouts are often deceiving. When you look at the plan, the feeling of a large space does not leave you. But in life, everything is completely different. That is why we are doing a 3D tour of the final layout for you. This will allow you to feel the space and see firsthand how your home performs its function.

Stages of work

1. Measurements and photographs

At this stage, the site visit is carried out. A detailed measurement of each room is made, we photograph not only the entire object, but also separately photograph complex junctions of structural elements and engineering systems.
Based on the measurements, we make a detailed measurement plan, which in the future will be the basis for our imagination of planning.

2. Planning solutions

After filling out a detailed questionnaire and finding out what scenarios the apartment will live in, we create layout options.
After discussing every detail, we choose the best option for you.

3. Development of working documentation

- floor plan, indicating the level of the floor, materials, sections and nodes (if necessary);
- floor heating plan together with floor heating control plan;
- general plan with furniture;
- layout of lighting fixtures;
- plan-diagram of control of lighting devices;
- layout of electrical outlets, switches;
- specification of wiring products (switches, sockets, frames).


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