New Classic

Simply classic - is no longer interesting! We took the recognizable elements of this style and added notes of minimalism and modernity.

But the highlight of the project is the planning solution. The center of the entire apartment is a spacious living room with a large-scale sofa and an incredible chandelier above it right in the center of the room. The size of the sofa is due to its versatility, which allows you to comfortably watch movies and enjoy the fireplace in the opposite direction. A huge pencil case door lets us into the bedroom, but when closed, this door fully supports the composition of the stucco on the walls. The workspace deserves special attention, the task of which is to be invisible and unlike the place where they work. This is how we designed a wardrobe that fully simulates a stuccoed wall when closed. Having opened the closet, we get a full-fledged workplace with a computer and a screen on the wall.

Guest House